Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deadbolt Safety

A Consumer Reports article found that not all deadbolt locks give you the same level of protection.

Rule number one: Every lock strike should have screws that go at least three inches into the wall. That way, the frame is harder to compromise if someone tries to kick in the door.

Rule number two: Always make sure your lock fully engages the door frame. If it's not all the way in there, you could be inviting a crook into your house. "People are able to pry it back. But if it's fully engaged, there's no chance of that.”

If you have a door with glass anywhere on it, experts say you should have a double cylinder lock. It requires a key from both sides. But those can present a whole different kind of danger. "If you do have it, a double cylinder, key on both sides, you need to have the key on the inside someplace where you can find it in case of a fire or an emergency."

Rule number three: Keep your key in a nearby hiding place that's not easily spotted by intruders.

Source: WSFA, How Safe is Your Door?

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